Company Profile


Shizuoka Manufacturing Plant

MATSUI’s manufacturing and assembly plant based outsode of TOKYO, Japan, is devoted to the construction and overhauling of Gaming Tables, Roulette Wheels and the special printing technique that is required for the production of high quality Layouts.

Incorporating the craftmanship that Japan is renowned for, today’s modern technogy and a personal touch, MATSUI ensure a unique blend that is proven in quality and service.

From the intricate bearings on a roulette wheel to the clarity of the print on a layout, MATSUI are unequlled in this area.

With other thirty years experience of expertise in the traditional art of silkscreen printing our craftsmen have an in depth knowledge of the design and finish of this highly skilled technique. In screen-printing even the temperature can affect the chemicals and bleaches used, consequently the plant is under a controlled temperature setting ensuring highest quality print with the least amount of cloth wastage, ultimately reducing our costs which we then can pass on to our customers.

Today’s technology plays a large part in the intricate design and manufacture of the bearings in a roulette wheel. Utilising the latest expertise and machinery, which Japan has to offer MATSUI are able to build a bearing assembly that can achieve a spin rate unimagined a fewyears ago. Tolerances of 0.1mm can also be rearized with precise engineering to the roulette wheel’s rotor assembly.